Registration (New swimmer)


We will have to set up a trial class to assign swimmers to right classes and meanwhile we let you watch how we run the program to help you decide.

New registrations & Tryout (HERE)

  1. First class is free and you can decide to join after first class
  2. Instruction type: In-water
  3. Ratio: One instructor teaches up to 5 swimmers 
  4. Class duration: 40 min (arrive 10 min before)
  5. Programs:
    • Once a week: $35 per class
    • Two or more per week: $30 per class
    • Program Fee: $50 per family (One time)
  6. Tuition must be paid on a session basis
  7. Pool length: 25 yards per lane
  8. Showers: Closed
  9. Locker rooms: Opened (wear swimsuit to and from the class)
  10. Bring your own kickboard (or you can purchase at the front desk)

Once you join, a swim cap will be provided based on the test results and all NJSG students are required to wear. It’s our uniform 🙂

 (Red Orange Yellow Green – Blue – Black – Swim team)